By shifting elements in our environment, we transform our relationship with the world.
    — Robin Buck   

    Feng Shui:  It’s Not About the Furniture

Apply Feng Shui basics for a home that is perfectly YOU.  Learn ba-gua basics and easy, practical Feng Shui fixes that will transform your home — and you.

Have you ever felt boxed into a corner, up against a wall, drained, as if something is ‘hanging over you’…?  It’s amazing how our visual perspective affects the way our minds “see things!”

Using Feng Shui’s Ba-gua as a ‘map’, we’ll explore our homes in a new way, seeing how both the structure and the furnishings reflect — and impact — our life’s path.  You’ll learn how to use furniture placement, colors, shapes, materials and treasured objects to support your unique goals and enhance the beauty, comfort, and harmony of your home.

We’ll make room for more love in your life and peace in your heart.

    Creating the Space for Intimacy

See your bedroom anew and increase space for intimacy!  Feng Shui helps us identify what we are putting in the way of love — and replace it with heart-opening energy.

The first thing you see each morning and the last thing you see as you turn out the light — does it bring you peace and pleasure?

The bedroom is our place of sleep and restoration, dreaming and healing, solitude and intimacy, nurturing and love.  Because it is the place in which we are most physically and emotionally vulnerable, it is especially important that this room nestles us in support and opens our hearts to the fullness of Life.

Come and learn how Feng Shui can help you design the bedroom of your dreams.

    Optimize Your Office for Productivity, Joy & Prosperity!

Are things “hanging over you”?  Are you feeling “up against the wall”?  Is something (or someone) “holding you back”?  Use Feng Shui to balance your office to and create new opportunities!

Does your office inspire you?  Whether your workspace is the corner office or a cozy cubicle, you are working in it – but is it working for you?

Feng Shui provides a plan of action.  By applying ancient wisdom to modern workplaces you can maximize your office for optimal concentration, increase your productivity, and reduce daily stresses.  Learn to utilize Feng Shui principles to clarify your goals, generate new ideas, create room for growth, and refresh and enliven your spirit.

It’s possible to design a beautifully efficient workspace, one that reflects and supports your vision for yourself and your career using the space and furnishings you already have.  Imagine stepping into an office you love each morning!

Now, let’s get to work!

    Feng Shui In The Garden

Let your garden broaden your personal world!  Use shape, color, texture and placement of plants, light, water and decorative objects to extend the Feng Shui of your home.  

Feng Shui principles are as effective in designing exterior environments as they are interior spaces.  Our view becomes our perspective.  How we (and others) feel as we approach our homes sets the stage for how we feel and interact within them.

Learn how shape, form, color, texture and placement of plantings, light and water sources, furnishings and decorative objects can enhance the overall Feng Shui of your home.  Whether you live on an estate, in a townhouse, or in a studio apartment with a tiny tree-space or balcony, your garden can expand your personal world.

    The Ba-gua as a Tool for Effective Communication

When everyone’s needs are met and feelings are honored, we all win.  Learn to use the Ba-gua, the heart of Feng Shui, to craft powerfully loving communication.

The Ba-gua is the “global positioning system” of Feng Shui, helping us pinpoint our location and guide us to our destination.

When we use the Ba-gua as a format for conversation, we open a door to discovery.  By honoring and addressing the full spectrum of our own (and others’) concerns and commitments, we create the space for candor and compassion.  And we enter into mutually rewarding communication with ease and grace.

Enjoy more open-hearted communication with family and friends.  Professionally, use this model for interviews, negotiations with business associates, potential employers, partners and staff.  The possibilities are endless!

    Feng Shui for Your Inner Journey

Imagine your life as an exquisite work of art.  This Mandala Meditation will open your heart to gratitude and healing, a wonder-full addition to your personal spiritual practice.

Mandalas are traditional Tibetan Buddhist models for visualization.  Often created as exquisite sand paintings, they facilitate mental order and focus.  Used in meditation, they help us to consciously guide our minds, creating an inner beauty through our focus on the blessings and opportunities inherent in all the circumstances of our lives.

The Ba-gua is the model central to all schools of Feng Shui.  In its simple elegance, it encompasses all areas of life.  By combining these two models, we create a powerful, life-altering meditation that enhances our personal spiritual practices and empowers our clients.

Please come with an open heart.  This meditation will be a life-long gift to you and others.

    Harmonizing Your Unique Nature

Are you a wood, fire, earth, metal or water person?  Discover how to balance your inner element with your outer world and with those you love.

Flexible, rigid.  Sharp-tongued, to-the-point.  Warm, volatile.  Down-to-earth, stuck in a rut.  Deep, all-over-the-map.  Do any of these qualities sound familiar — or bring to mind co-workers, family members, your partner?

Human traits can be likened to various natural phenomena or “elements” – wood, metal, fire, earth, and water.  Each of us possesses qualities of all these elements in varying degrees.  And one element predominates.

Feng Shui’s Five Element Theory offers a practical, working model for designing homes and offices.  Using color, shape, texture, natural materials, and ancient wisdom, we can enhance our unique natures and build relationships based on mutual understanding and appreciation.

Learn to create more supportive emotional and physical environments for yourself, your family and your colleagues.

    Growing in Harmony Together

Each family member is a unique piece in a beautiful — and sometimes mystifying! — puzzle.  Enhance children’s rooms and family spaces for a more peaceful, loving and supportive home.

Did you know that we can design our homes for family harmony?  The development and personality needs of children (and parents!) can be supported beautifully by applying Feng Shui principles and the Five Element Theory.

Infants and toddlers need close parental presence.  As children venture further into the world, the challenge of providing a nurturing foundation at home expands.  The nature of the family, and how its members relate to one another, evolves.

In this workshop, we examine how the structure and interiors of our homes impact how we relate to one another as families.  Then we’ll apply Feng Shui wisdom to your children’s rooms and family spaces.


When we design our environments thoughtfully and intentionally we create homes that fully support our goals, dreams and commitments – beautiful places that represent who we are (in all dimensions of our lives) and who we are committed to becoming.  Feng Shui gives us tools to do just that.

> Half-Day Hands-On      1pm – 3:30pm

During this workshop, we will concentrate on the living/family room.

All of us — single, married, divorced or widowed, with or without children – have a central gathering space in our homes, place where we retreat from the outside world, relax, spend time alone and share time with family and friends.  A place to restore and connect.

What happy memories do you want to make in your lovely living room?  We will create the space for that!

> Full-Day Deep-Dive      10am – 3pm

In the full-day workshop we go deeper — within ourselves and throughout our homes.

We we begin by examining the dynamics of our entire home, then focus on the living/family room, expanding our visions and application of Feng Shui to our bedroom and additional rooms.

What happy memories do you want to make in your home?  We will create the space for that!


    Designing to Support Healing & Wellness

The design and contents of our homes has a remarkable (and predictable) influence on our health and well-being.  The structure and arrangement of our surroundings direct how we physically move through life.  On a subtler level, the colors, shapes, materials and objects in our environments provide the background from which we mentally and emotionally respond to life.

The ancient art of Feng Shui provides models for understanding how these various elements affect us physically, allowing us to modify debilitating environmental influences and introduce and enhance healing influences.

BUILDING COMMUNITY                   
    The Feng Shui of Trust, Open-Heartedness & Participation

What makes a community thrive?  Examine the dynamics of your organization through the lens of Feng Shui — and create new possibilities for successful and satisfying engagement.

Professional and civic organizations, churches, volunteer groups, and workplace events share one major characteristic:  They all thrive when people are engaged.  So why are some gatherings more successful than others?  Is there a key to unlock this mystery — or better yet, to increase enthusiastic, relationship-building participation?

Explore how the Five Elements can be used to understand the dynamics of organizations you care about.  How can differing leadership styles complement one another?  How can we bring out the best in each other?  What can we learn that will help us to tame and balance the damaging personality conflicts that can arise?

Together we will discover, discuss, and practice skills that we can immediately contribute to the worlds we touch.

Please bring notes on some “miracles” that you would like to see in your communities.

    Designing Rooms for Focused Study and Creative Play

Are you dreading struggles over homework?  Yearning for a truly new school year?

A child’s room has enormous potential to bolster attention, self-esteem, and enthusiasm — or not.  Incorporating Feng Shui principles can help create space for success in rooms your kids will love.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to engage your kids in revamping their rooms with originality, order and thrift – and a healthy does of FUN.  Feng Shui principles can be customized for students of all ages and personalities, from grade school to college and shy to boisterous.  We will also address fine-tuning other places where kids do their homework.

Prepare to be amazed by the results!

    Providing a Window on History and a Map for the Future

Feng Shui is a 5000-year-old model for evaluating and designing interior and exterior environments.  The name means “wind” and “water” — the fluid forces that have shaped the earth — and our personal worlds.  Ever since the city of Hong Kong was sited in relationship to the windswept mountains to the north and the flowing seas to the south, feng shui has been used as a model for urban planning and interior design.

Despite its uniquely Chinese name, Feng Shui expresses universal principles of human relationships and nest-building.  Over the centuries and across time and cultures we have been shaped by and expressed ourselves in our surroundings.

In this seminar, we will explore structural and municipal design as a reflection of history and culture – and as a tool for designing homes and shaping communities for the future.