styled & serene

“… artful placement is a kind of experience that has opened my mind to the potential of my home and its contents.  …the space and light in these rooms have been opened up in a way that is wholly unexpected…  Until now, I’d never realized what a delightful collection of ’things’ I had until you put them together:  there’s eye candy everywhere I look…

My career as a painter has lasted most of my adult life so how come I never found such hidden treasures?  Thank you for this absolutely wonderful experience and the gift I’ve received calling you a friend.”

– Trudy  (Chevy Chase, MD)

feng shui harmony

“I had a very positive experience working with Robin.  I appreciated how she took considerable time to investigate my particular needs even before we went through each room.  One’s work and living space, can be such a sensitive matter, but it felt very safe to do that with Robin.  She is careful about what she says and judgements she makes. Yet, her questions are direct and make you think.

Robin helped me focus on what I wanted in each part of my home and office, unclutter what didn’t belong there (isn’t it amazing how boxes can just sit there for months, even years after you’ve moved!), and, gave me ideas for what did.

What I gained from working with her was greater comfort, more breathing room, more room (physically and metaphysically) for me and my spouse… and overall, more tranquility.  I still think back to Robin’s work with me to help with decisions I’m making in my new home.  Thankfully, she’s freed me up to throw or give stuff away, too.

I recommend Robin for her know-how, genuine desire to support people with the life and lifestyle they desire, her fine, aesthetic eye, and her instructing me in the Black Sect system so, down the road, I could also make decisions for myself.”

– Jeremy  (Westchester, NY)


“I have to take pictures to send you, you won’t believe how transformed the place is…  A decluttered house…  The main living quarters are so spacious.  It’s so freeing…  seems there is more energy…”

– Regina  (Peekskill, NY)

optimized office

“when you feng shui’d my office, one of your suggestions was to replace my black, faux leather office chair with arm rests with a chair that did NOT have armrests and was not as deep.

Well, a few months ago I finally replaced my chair with a cream colored, armless dining room chair from Ikea. It has a very soft cushion and back rest and because it doesn’t have arm rests, it enables me to sit close to my desk. That, coupled with the back rest, enables me to sit straight at my desk (what a concept!). My back has never felt better! In fact, I haven’t seen my massage therapist since I got the new chair!

So the very reasonable fee I paid you, coupled with the cost of the chair, have both paid for themselves many times over since I haven’t had to get monthly massages!”

– Lori  (Takoma Park, MD)

staged to sell

“Thanks for the lovely staging!   People were raving about it.  Now we know whom to recommend.

We expect that it helped the sale.”

– Lisa  (Bethesda. MD)

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