You name the “problem,” I’ll provide the beautiful solutions!  Furniture placement, color consultation, storage, arrangement of artwork and accessories, office optimization…  From flooring to window treatments.  We will create a home that is perfectly “YOU.”


In these styling consultations, I take you step-by-step to “Aahhh… I LOVE my home!”  You tell me what you want to achieve — in terms of style, feeling and function — and we’ll create an easy, economical plan to get you there, starting with maximizing what you already own and enjoy.

I will offer suggestions about furniture arrangements, lighting, colors, artwork and accessories.  And I’ll provide recommendations for any needed furnishings, materials, fixtures and finishes — and the sources for purchasing whatever you need efficiently and economically.  (My clients often SAVE more $$ than they pay me!  How can you beat that??)

Major Refresh

Larger projects begin with a 2-3 hour consultation.  I’ll visit your home, learn what you want to achieve in terms of style, feeling and function and see what you have to work with.  We’ll assess your budget (time as well as money), take photos, and provide an initial Plan of Action.  And leave you with LOTS of exciting, practical ideas.

Afterwards, I will email you a proposal itemizing and outlining (1) the steps needed to create your dream space, (2) a timeline, and (3) two working options for fulfilling your goals and the costs.  After agreeing on the proposal that works best for YOU, we’ll get started!


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Moving can be overwhelming.  Staging with REFRESH makes selling your home simpler, less stressful, and more profitable.  And most of the properties we stage sell within four days with multiple offers!

Owner-Occupied Homes – Staging that makes your life easier while you are in transition.  Optimal arrangement of furnishings and accessories for maximum buyer appeal, clutter clearing, rehanging artwork, kitchen and bath re-design, color recommendations, lighting enhancements. Assistance with selecting furnishings to feather your future nest. Resources for downsizing.

Vacant Properties – REFRESH Interiors has a wide range of distinctive artwork, accessories, lighting, bed and bath linens, soft furnishings, and accent furniture. Larger furnishings (dining sets, sofas, dressers, etc.) are sourced from several excellent rental services.

Rates:  Staging for Vacant Properties ranges from $1500 to $3000+, depending on extent of project and rentals required. Total price and deliverables are outlined in a custom proposal.  Owner-Occupied Homes begin with an initial consultation.  The cost is $500 for up to three hours of hands-on, transformative staging, $150/hr for each additional hour.  Supplemental artwork and accessories may be supplied for an additional fee.

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Maximize the space you have by implementing effective organization and storage solutions. Resources for divesting yourself of items you no longer use, need or want. Punch lists for between-session work.  Contact me for more information.


Here’s what clients are saying:

“Robin has an ability to reconfigure furniture in her mind and come up with several creative options that are more interesting and/or more workable than whatever you’ve fallen into. Some suggestions would even take less time and money than what I had in mind.”  — Deane, Baltimore


Give the gift of order and beauty! Styling, home organization, and workshop gift certificates are available from $120.