what is feng shui?

Feng Shui is the 5000 year old Chinese art of placement. The name literally means “wind” and “water,” the natural forces that shape our world.  A discipline of  Chinese medicine, Feng Shui optimizes the flow of “chi,” creating a dynamic balance in life force energy.

From the siting of a community in the landscape (Hong Kong for example), to the design of buildings (interior and exterior architecture), the arrangement of furnishings (particularly one’s bed, desk, and stove), aesthetics (shapes, colors, materials), and decorative and  symbolic objects, Feng Shui offers invaluable guidelines.

Just as the survival of animals depends on their ability to create homes that shield them from the elements, protect them from predators, and nurture a partnership and family, likewise our own fulfillment is supported or undermined by the structure and integrity of our environments. Although we ‘know’ this on a primordial level, for generations humans have lived far from a natural habitat.  It is no surprise that we are often out of touch with our surroundings.

Feng Shui reconnects us to natural order and offers an infinitely comprehensive and versatile template for creating balance and harmony in all areas of our lives.

An eight-sided figure called the ba-gua provides a global positioning system  It offers insights into our careers, partnerships, families, finances; health, communities, creative expressions, future hopes and dreams, intellectual and spiritual wisdom, our self- perception and public persona, and finally, the legacy we wish to leave.

We all design our lives both consciously and unconsciously. The beauty and power of Feng Shui lies in the opportunity to examine what we have created, compare that to our heart’s desires, and notice discrepancies.

Using that wisdom, we then create the space for lives we love.

It’s an ancient and elegant discipline… and a journey to new possibilities.

May your path be blessed.

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