I love really good food.  Wholesome and beautiful and fun.  Tantalizing aromas, luscious colors, artful presentation.  Nurturing our bodies and those we love.

Leading to…  academics in Nutrition and Public Health, Culinary School in Norway, nutritionist, chef and culinary instructor, owner of a boutique catering business… and into many exquisite home kitchens – gorgeous expanses, awkward to navigate and rarely used by the people who lived there.  Sad.

Hmmm…  Luscious food + optimal nutrition + great kitchen design?

On to Interior Design studies at the Corcoran School of Art.  Playing with color and materials and texture and light… and discovering that in some cultures, environmental design is actually a discipline of medicine, equal in significance to  nutrition!  And that cancer-causing toxic overload is often greatest inside our own homes.  Ouch.

Today, some clients seek me out to give their homes a stylish facelift.  Others yearn for an efficient and inspiring place to work.  Most want toxin-free homes and offices.

Whatever the project, all my clients enjoy the benefits of Style, Efficiency, Inspiration and “Green.”  Available in all your favorite colors!

It’s my honor and delight to guide you in creating your own personal haven.